20 Best Found Footage Horror Films

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9. Unfriended (Formerly Cybernatural) (2014)

The premise of


is simple: a group of friends get together for a Skype chat on the anniversary of a classmate’s suicide. A mysterious extra person appears in their conversation and super weird stuff starts to happen. But it is not the plot that got this film on the list, it’s the medium.


is shown entirely from the teens’ laptops, the narrative unfolds on their Skype screens, Facebook pages, Google searches, and webcam POVs. We see messages being typed, erased, and retyped, private IMs, and Facebook “creeping.” Though the plot is a little silly and the scares somewhat predictable, for any of you interested in how we conduct ourselves online, how the medium modifies our behavior, and how social media has seen the rise of a new and horrifying type of bullying, this is the film for you.

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