20 Best Found Footage Horror Films

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3. [REC] (2007)

If you’ve seen Quarantine but you haven’t seen this, I advise you to do so immediately. Quarantine is a very shoddy remake that doesn’t even come close to hitting the highs of this Spanish found footage gem. [REC] follows an ambitious reporter and her cameraman who are working the night shift at the local fire station. When they respond to a call by a distraught elderly woman, they rush to the apartment building and into what is to become the most horrifying night of their lives.

Though the zombie-esque themes of the film are nothing new, the execution of


results in one of the scariest found footage films on this list. The filmmakers withheld many of the key scares, creating reactions that were imbued with a real terror that translates wonderfully on camera. The sound, done by aural genius Oriol Tarragó, creates an atmosphere that is truly heart-stopping, and though the effects are minimal, the blood splatter is realistic and not at all gratuitous. Two thumbs up for this one.

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