20 Best Found Footage Horror Films

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20. The Dirties (2013)

The only reason this film is at the bottom of the list is because of its relative obscurity and the fact that many might argue that it’s not a horror film in the traditional sense. And no, there are no supernatural beings, monsters, serial killers, no, none of that. But for some, high school is an absolute horror of a nightmare and

The Dirties

takes that to the most terrifying heights of realism. Though the majority of the film is relatively lighthearted and amusing, there is a darkness running right below the surface. The film follows high school friends and film fanatics Matt and Owen who decide to get revenge on the bullies at school by killing them. The audience watch as the two boys film their lives while plotting the deaths of their enemies – following them to all the way up to the poignant and tragic conclusion.

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