20 Best Found Footage Horror Films

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2. The Blair Witch (1999)

Obviously, no found footage list is complete without this little movie on it. Named as the film that started off the whole found footage craze, The Blair Witch Project showed how a great story could be told with a small budget and a genius marketing ploy. The film built up a buzz by creating a website, www.blairwitch.com, which gave the story of the legend of the blair witch and introduced the three students who were investigating it. It was incredibly realistic, leading people to believe that it was indeed real found footage. The Blair Witch Project grossed $1.5 million on it’s opening weekend – it had been made for a fraction of that.

The film itself was quite terrifying, the slant of realism and the shaky effect of the hand-held contributed to the suspense of what, under any genre, would have been far less frightening.

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