Five Stephen King Adaptations That Need a Remake

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Cujo – 1983

Cast – Dee Wallace (Donna Trenton)

Ideal Remake Cast – Anna Kendrick (Trenton)

Keep This Line – “Nope, nothing wrong here.”

Make no mistake, the original Cujo was spectacular as was the book. Cujo himself was a tragic character in both the book and the film, which is a plus for the producers, as the events that transpire are ultimately not his fault. He didn’t know the critter he was chasing was rabid. Instead, he just wanted to be a (as the book put it) GOODDOG.

One thing I would like see done is the possible supernatural element ramped up a bit. Any King fan who is familiar with Castle Rock, Maine, knows the story of Frank Dodd courtesy of The Dead Zone, which transpired before the events of Cujo. For those who don’t know, Dodd was a Castle Rock police officer who also happened to be a serial killer who targeted women. Upon killing himself, he achieved status as a ‘bogeyman’ in the town he terrorized.

There are points where it his implicated that Dodd’s spirit may be possessing Cujo, and although they’re at a minimum, it opens a whole new perspective on Cujo’s and Donna Trenton’s plight. If the remake were to be greenlighted, I ask as a King fan for the producers to elaborate that angle a bit more.

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