Watch the 10 Best Public Domain Horror Films on the Net

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8. Carnival of Souls (1962)

Director: Herk Harvey

This now cult classic was made for a whopping $33,000 back in the day. Though at the time, it didn’t receive all that much attention, it’s now a must-see for any horror cinephile. When Mary Henry’s (Candace Hilligoss) car plunges off of a bridge after a drag race, she miraculously survives, pulling herself from the river hours later. She begins to witness frightening apparitions and finds herself drawn to an abandoned circus pavilion…

Though the film is sparse on special effects, the soundtrack works to create an environment that is thick with eerie atmosphere. Prepare to have some weird dreams after this one.

7. White Zombie (1932)

Director: Victor Halperin

White Zombie, considered to be the first feature-length film to feature the zombie, stars Bela Lugosi as an evil voodoo master who transforms his victim, Madeline Short Parker (Madge Bellamy) into a zombie.

Though initial critical reception was poor (many panned the poor acting and ridiculous plot-line), modern critics have been more forgiving, calling the film “atmospheric” and expressing an overall appreciation for the courageous portrayal of its subject matter. If nothing else, the film can be credited as being the archetype and model for the zombie films that followed it.

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