5 Frightening Novels to Keep You Up At Night: September Edition

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I Am Legend (1954) 

Richard Matheson

You’ve probably seen the 2007 movie, maybe even the 1964 (The Last Man on Earth) and 1971 (The Omega Man) cinematic adaptations, but have you read the book? As is often the case, the book is much better. A real psychological horror that’s less about the vampiric monsters that haunt our hapless protagonist, Robert Neville, and more about what happens to one’s mind when they are, as far as they know, the sole survivor of an apocalypse. The novel follows Neville as he struggles with alcoholism, loneliness, sexual frustration, and depression after the human race succumbs to a plague that turns them all into vampiric-like creatures. As with most of the books on this list, don’t expect a happy ending.

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