The Walking Dead: 6 Characters the Show Did Better

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One of the biggest reasons behind the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead is definitely its source material.  Having been in publication since 2003, the comic series remains just as good as it was when it first started.  Part of what makes the story within the black and white pages of those graphic novels so compelling is how unique and interesting the characters are, as the focal point of the series has always been more about them than the zombies themselves.

When The Walking Dead was adapted as a TV series, comic purists were afraid that nobody was going to be able to bring to life the amazing characters that we had really grown to care about.  While some of the people on the show didn’t even come close to being as great as their comic book counterparts (Andrea is the obvious example), there were some that wound up being much, much better.  Here are five characters on The Walking Dead that are far superior to how they were portrayed in the comics.

Comic and TV spoilers ahead…