The Walking Dead: 6 Characters the Show Did Better

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 6. Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh was rather insignificant in the comics.  He played the same role in both mediums; Shane was the guy who kept his best friend Rick’s family alive, only to grow jealous and unstable after Rick’s return.  Their demises were also fairly similar, with Carl being the one to take out Shane with a well-placed bullet (only Shane didn’t get the chance to turn in the comics).

The main difference here is how much longer Shane went on to live on the TV series.  He didn’t even make it to Hershel’s farm in the comics, and could you imagine if it played out the same way on TV?  Season 2 gets enough criticism for its slow pacing as it is, so now picture it without Shane being there at all.  He was arguably the most interesting character of the season, whether viewers liked him or not.