The Walking Dead: 6 Characters the Show Did Better

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4. Tyreese

I loved Tyreese in the comics, no doubt about it.  Cracking walker heads left and right with his trademark hammer, Tyreese was a badass in every sense of the word.  As a former NFL player, he never backed down from anyone and was always willing to fight.

TV’s Tyreese, meanwhile, was more of a pacifist with a heart of gold.  Going in this direction with his character was a great choice, as the show already had enough badasses as it was with people like Daryl, Michonne and Abraham in the group.  He was the one who ended up saving Judith, and even during his final haunting moments, he refused to embrace the darkness of the apocalypse they were living in.

As the ghost of Beth told him, Tyreese was just too good of a person to stay in this world and his death was probably for the best.  That still didn’t stop me from shedding several tears in the wake of his absence.