10 Horror-Themed Graphic Novels You Should Read

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Much as I love a good, old-fashioned novel, there’s something about a well-written comic book that’s irresistible. Once considered a form of low-art and not thought of on the same level as traditional literature, the graphic novel has risen through the ranks and is now generally accepted as a viable form of literary artwork. And why shouldn’t it be? High quality drawings and paintings paired with a compelling story is an explosive combination and the plethora of horror-themed graphic novels on offer include some truly amazing titles.

So, even though I just added five novels to your reading list (which I know you’ve already dug into, right?), I’ve got 10 more titles to add and believe me, you won’t regret cracking any of these open! A few titles didn’t make the list, one for being far too obvious (pretty sure you can figure out which one), and the others just on my own personal whim. But don’t worry, they’ll still get a shout-out!

Honorable mentions:
The Walking Dead
Sandman (Maybe not *technically* horror, but there’s still quite a lot of horror imagery)
Johnny, The Homicidal Maniac and last but not least,

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