10 Horror-Themed Graphic Novels You Should Read

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Afterlife with Archie

Afterlife with Archie is a genius blend of nostalgia and horror. Most of us grew up with Archie and his Riverdale crew, so how awesome is it to see them thrown into the midst of a Zombie apocalypse? (Okay, that might be traumatizing for some people.) The story begins when Reggie kills Hot Dog (noooo!) with his reckless driving. Full of grief, the broken-hearted Jughead begs Sabrina the witch to bring his dog back to life. She does and all hell breaks loose. Hot Dog is a zombie dog! He kills Jughead! Jughead becomes a zombie! And, as these things go, the zombie plague spreads rapidly, which sucks for the Riverdale gang but is super fun times for us readers.

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