The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Killed Way Too Soon

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4. Lori Grimes

I’m sure there are going to be a lot of The Walking Dead fans who disagree with Lori’s inclusion, as she certainly had her share of haters while on the show.  She seemed to take all of the blame for Carl wandering away as kids are wont to do, as many of us apparently forgot that he was Rick’s son, too.  Sure, she wasn’t perfect, but I do believe she was doing her absolute best in a horrible situation.

Lori’s death may have been necessary as a catalyst for Rick and Carl’s development, but the producers jumped the gun with this one.  Her passing was far more dignified than it was in the comics, but it was accelerated to occur at a much sooner time.  Former showrunner Glen Mazzara claims this was done so that Rick would be a “broken man” by the time he meets the Governor, but I think it’d have served the story better to wait.  Having Lori survive Judith’s birth only to later be killed by Woodbury soldiers would have made things much more devastating and personal between Rick and the Governor, who didn’t really have much reason to hate each other on the show.