The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Killed Way Too Soon

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3. T-Dog

Old school fans of The Walking Dead surely remember T-Dog.  Hanging out mostly in the background during the first two seasons, T-Dog was quiet, but tough.  By the time Season 3 rolled around, he already had tons of fan support, and producers had even promised that he would be getting some more time devoted to his character in future episodes.

Those hopes came screeching to a halt when T-Dog was bitten at the prison, shortly before Lori’s demise.  He didn’t even get to live long enough to see Merle again, which would have made for an interesting reunion when you consider T-Dog was the one who dropped Merle’s handcuff key.  It was said on Talking Dead that the decision to kill T-Dog was simply to make Lori’s death afterward more shocking.  I’d say Lori’s death was “shocking” enough that a Season 1 character like T-Dog didn’t need to be sacrificed.