The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Killed Way Too Soon

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2. Beth Greene

Beth was definitely an underdog on the character roster of The Walking Dead.  Not included in the comics, the writers had a completely blank slate to go on with her.  Not considered a primary character, fans were predicting her death as far back as Season 2.  With people expecting her to drop at any time, many were surprised to see her even outlive the fall of the prison, and I had to root for her as she continued to live past the expectations many of us were placing on her.

Oddly enough, her death finally happened at a time when nobody was calling for it anymore.  For a long time, Beth barely clung onto survival with singing as her only talent.  After doing weapons training with Daryl, we started to see another side of her that showed she could be so much more.  Then, when she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, she finally showed how tough she really was by standing up to Dawn and the crooked cops and helping Noah to escape.  When she was abruptly killed by a bullet through the brain soon after, I wasn’t sad so much as I just stared at the screen, saying to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”