13 Films that Reinterpret the Final Girl

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13Detention (2011)

This is definitely up there on my list of “wtf” films. Aside from the slasher slant, it’s also got an impending apocalypse, aliens, and a time-traveling bear. Can you say “awesome”?! But, I digress. Detention also has a great tongue-in-cheek approach to the final girl. Here we’ve got Riley (androgynous name, check.), who keeps coming face-to-face with masked slasher. This is very much a parody of the slasher film and the face off between Riley and the killer reads more like slapstick comedy. Clearly, the filmmakers are well aware of the final girl trope and have a fabulous time mocking it just as we have a fabulous time watching all the ridiculous mayhem go down. If I have any complaint it’s that far too much of Riley’s importance is taken away by her male counterpart, Clapton – a typically annoying hormonal teenage boy. Who wants their final girl sharing the glory with such a boring high school cliche?

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