13 Films that Reinterpret the Final Girl

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Mia Allen, our final girl in this god-awful (in my opinion) remake of Evil Dead, is interesting for a few reasons. For one, though she is unarguably the survivor of the film, she is not our traditional final girl. She’s not a virgin, she’s a drug addict, and she’s not a plucky, inquisitive heroine who’s going to save the day with a clear head and a smart plan. In fact, she spends most of the film possessed by evil. I would argue that, in the restructuring of the final girl, the film actually regresses the female character, stripping her of the little power she had as a final girl. Mia is not in control, she is certainly not a “female Ash” that the film promised, and come on, that tree rape scene was gratuitous enough in the original, they really didn’t have to keep that in, not to mention expand it. When Mia finally fulfills her role as final girl and does away with the baddies, evil has taken her shape – so in this twist to the trope, Mia essentially offs herself to survive. *Shakes head*

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