Top 5 Worst Horror Movies Starring Pro Wrestlers

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1. Leprechaun: Origins

Most horror fans are familiar with the Leprechaun franchise.  They would also probably agree that most of them are terrible, with the exception of maybe the first.  While they featured the awesome Warwick Davis as the titular killer leprechaun, they seemed to get worse and worse as the series trudged along.  That’s why it’s baffling why WWE Studios decided that they needed to reboot the film series, replacing Warwick with their own TV leprechaun character, Hornswoggle.

The results are just as bad as you would expect.  It’s hard to tell if this cliche-riddled reboot is worse than some of those later sequels previously released in the franchise, but it’s certainly not any better.  Let’s hope Vince McMahon will show some mercy on us, and not give this Leprechaun film five sequels of its own.

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