What Did I Just Watch: ‘Silent Hill Revelations’


This depresses me greatly. I’m at a loss as a Silent Hill fan. This movie, this atrocious sequel, was a disappointment in many ways. Of course, I’m not the only Silent Hill fan who thinks so. At least, the only logically thinking fan who thinks so.

It’s not so much that it was a 3D film. It’s understandable that they decided to try and cash in on the current influx of 3D movies. That wasn’t the problem. What the problem was, was that while the first film in 2006 was an original story that only loosely drew elements from the first Silent Hill video game, this film decided it wanted to base almost the entire move off of the third installment in the franchise. Now, I can understand their logic that since this was the best game in the series that they would decide to base the sequel off of it, but that didn’t work. Trying to follow a storyline from a video game almost verbatim is a bad idea. Better to go with an original script.

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Granted, Adelaide Clemens was a much more convincing Sharon than Jodelle Ferland, but it’s pretty ridiculous that they tried to make Sharon and Heather Mason one in the same. It comes across as trying to hard and is actually pretty pathetic. What’s more pathetic is that while in the game, Vincent Cooper (played by Kit Harrington) comes across as a sniveling little pain, in the movie for some odd, stupid reason they try to make him a love interest of Sharon. Why this was a need, who knows.

Two things set me off about this film. First off, the fact that they kill Douglas early in the movie. Personally, I find Douglas’s early death detrimental to the movie. Douglas was an integral figure in the game, so for him to be offed so early in the film was a slap in the face.

Also, the stupid mannequin monster made out of random girls. That was the one time in any horror film where I uttered text speak; I literally hollered, “WTF?” because it wasn’t like any other monster in the movie. I get they tried to make something off of the mannequin scene from Silent Hill 3, but honestly, they may as well have stayed away from that scene altogether. First, who were the girls this monster ingested? Why were they there? They weren’t a part of The Order. Rather, they were normal, everyday, lost girls. How did they get there? Was it too much to explain why they just popped up?

Lastly, Claudia is the main villain in the game. Alright, okay. But she dies before birthing the final boss. In the movie, somehow, stupidly, she is turned into some pseudo-dominatrix and becomes the final boss. Of course, she’s effortlessly offed by the one and only Pyramid Head (the one true shining star of this movie, as always). But still, instead of at least becoming a god (in the game she births the god), what’s with this leather dominatrix crap?

I had high hopes when the movie came out, but after seeing it, I am depressed. We were let down by the producers (not surprisingly), and quite frankly I hope that company stays away from the franchise from here on it. Unless someone like Guillermo del Toro wants to take a swing at the franchise, it’s best to just leave it alone.