Top Five Awesome Cameos in Awful Horror Films

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4. David Hasselhoff in Piranha 3DD

When it comes to sequels no one wanted, Piranha 3DD nears the top of the list.  The ‘horror comedy’ film lacks any real horror and is mostly void of comedy.  It’s so self-aware that it borders on complete parody, but the joke was pretty well worn out by the end of the first film.  It’s no surprise that this film was nominated for two Razzie Awards.

Literally the only bright spot of this wretched sequel is an appearance by Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.  Playing himself serving as a celebrity lifeguard, Hasselhoff initially refuses to save a small child getting attacked, referring to him as a ‘little ginger moron.’  He finally acquiesces and saves the boy, but not before poking fun at himself and his old age in this hilarious cameo.

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