Top Five Awesome Cameos in Awful Horror Films

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3. Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3

There isn’t much to enjoy when it comes to Scream 3.  Not only is it the worst entry of the Scream franchise (including the TV series), it’s simply one of the most abysmal horror movie sequels ever made.  If you choose to marathon the films, you’re better off skipping straight from 2 to 4.

However, did you know that the Scream franchise apparently takes place in the same universe occupied by Jay and Silent Bob?  The two stoners briefly show up in Scream 3 in an appearance that’s easy to miss if the film has already made you drowsy by this point.  It was certainly unexpected to see the Clerks stars bumping into Gale Weathers, but I got a kick out of Jay referring to her as Connie Chung.

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