‘Friday The 13th’: Ranking The Classic Series “Final Girls”

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Now we’re here, to the number one spot on 1428’s Friday the 13th list of the best “Final Girls” of the franchise. And this time, crazily enough, it’s a “Final Guy”. If you are even a casual fan of the Friday films, you’ll no doubt know the name Tommy Jarvis. Played by three different actors(Cory Feldmen, John Shepard, and Thom Mathews), Jarvis is a staple of the series and Jason’s true nemesis. He is the Laurie Strode to Jason’s Micheal Myers and has battled the hockey-masked maniac across three series films from 1984’s The Final Chapter to 1986’s Jason Lives. Jason hates Jarvis so much, he even spares Megan(for the time being presumably) just to end his lasting feud with his long-standing nemesis. I simply love Tommy Jarvis and  I wish Jarvis was in the later Friday films, as it would have strengthened their narratives. I prayed Tommy was going to be in Freddy Vs. Jason back in the day, but seeing as the film’s basically a Freddy movie with “Jason” in it, it wouldn’t make sense. Still, we got a lot of 80s’ Jarvis, and for that, let’s all have a Jarvis’ Family hug.