The Walking Dead: 5 Actors Who Could’ve Played Rick Grimes

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2. Ethan Embry

Fans who are caught up on The Walking Dead will probably recognize this one. In the earlier episodes of Season 6, Ethan Embry played the part of Carter— the Alexandrian who didn’t trust in Rick’s leadership and tried to organize a coup against him. Carter was spared by Rick, only to die in the woods very soon afterward.

When Embry appeared on Talking Dead following his character’s demise, the actor revealed that he had auditioned for the show’s pilot back in 2010. He didn’t say specifically that he read for the part of Rick, but based on a comment he made about being disappointed by not being able to say the infamous ‘Coral!’ line on the show, some are taking that to mean he was gunning for Rick.

Embry did a good job as Carter, but to be honest, it’s very, very hard to picture him as Rick Grimes.

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