Dave Fennoy: 7 Questions With ‘Walking Dead’ Voice Actor


In 2012, Telltale Games released The Walking Dead, a 5-episode video game series based on the original comic books. It proved to be a smash hit, sweeping the Spike TV Video Game Awards including Game of the Year, among countless other awards and nominations all over the world. This was no doubt due to its very compelling story and well-developed characters, notably Lee Everett— a convicted killer who finds redemption in the zombie apocalypse by protecting an 8 year old girl, Clementine.

The voice of Lee Everett, Dave Fennoy, is a veteran voice actor whose voice can be heard in dozens of video games, commercials, TV shows, and films. With new episodes of The Walking Dead set to return February 14th, Mr. Fennoy joins us here at 1428 Elm to kick off walker weekend by discussing The Walking Dead.

JEREMY DICK: Welcome to 1428 Elm, Dave! I am personally a big fan and I’m glad you’re taking the time to answer some questions for me today.

DAVE FENNOY: Jeremy, it is my pleasure.

JD: You portrayed the protagonist Lee Everett in Telltale’s Walking Dead video game series, and I want to tell you a quick story about Lee. The popular online Walking Dead community Roamers and Lurkers once held a tournament for members to vote on the best character in the whole franchise. Every character from all the mediums were included, such as the comics, TV series and video games. Guess who wound up in 1st place? That’s right, Lee Everett. How does it feel to have portrayed such a popular character amongst the fan base of the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead?

DF: Wow, I had no idea. I did know that members of the Walking Dead fan community who played that game came to love Lee and his relationship with Clem, but I had no idea Lee Everett was voted best character in the whole franchise! I’m honored and humbled and of course extremely happy to have played such a beloved character. It’s an actors dream to give voice to a character like Lee and this is just one of many honors that he’s given me— A Dice Award, A Machinma Award, and several nominations as best character in a video game including a BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts. It’s also a testament to the worldwide popularity of video games. It’s a bigger business than movies and music combined. I’ve been pleased and surprised to hear from and meet fans of the game all over the world.

JD: Without getting too far into spoilers for our readers who haven’t yet played the game, I’ll just say that playing through it was the most emotionally wrought experience I ever had as a gamer. As the player, the story really sucked me in, and there were some moments in the game that really hit me hard. As the lead actor, did you get immersed in the story and attached to the characters yourself? Were you ever shocked by the events of a new script, or were you ever emotional recording some of the more heartbreaking scenes?

DF: In the first 20 minutes of the recording I knew the script and story were something special and over the almost year it took to record, I grew very connected to Lee, a real life character who thought his life was over due to committing a horrible act, but found redemption caring for a 9 year old girl during the zombie apocalypse. By episode 5, there was nothing I could do but cry… for real…

JD: Aside from Lee Everett, you’ve done tons of voices for other video games, so I can’t help but wonder if you’re a gamer yourself. Do you play any games at all, and if so, have you played The Walking Dead, or any others you’ve worked on?

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DF: Truth is, I’m not a gamer. But I’ve grown to love and respect the video game industry over the years. The Video Game Industry or Interactive Entertainment is really a revolution in human entertainment. For thousands of years, from the time of cave men telling stories of their hunts, to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, through Shakespeare plays, and modern movies and television… the audience has watched and perhaps clapped or booed at the end of the story… but now… as gamers… the audience is part of the story telling. Decisions you make change outcomes and you can play again… make different decisions… and the outcome is different. Only now is this true after thousands and thousands of years of human entertainment.

JD: As you’ve probably heard, the Walking Dead TV series is set to return with new episodes on February 14. Are you a fan of the TV series? If so, which characters are your favorites?

DF: I am a fan. Love Rick of course, Glenn, Michonne, Hershel… hard to invest your feelings in WD characters. You can lose them at anytime. Believe me I KNOW! There’s been some fans who’d like to see me as Ezekiel from the graphic novel because we look so much alike. There’s even been a Twitter campaign to get me on. Got my fingers crossed! And it would be cool to work with a tiger!

JD: There is, in fact, a ton of buzz on the internet about fans of The Walking Dead wanting you to play the comic book character King Ezekiel when he is adapted into the TV series. I want you to know I’m fully on board with this idea. What are your thoughts on the fan interest in having you play another iconic character in the franchise?

DF: Glad to hear you are on board, because I AM SOOOO FULLY ON BOARD! I think it would be a brilliant move on AMC and Robert Kirkman’s part… bring the game and TV fans together… a symbiosis!

JD: You played Lucius Fox in Batman: Arkham Knight and Malcolm Latimer in Fallout 4. Those are the only two video games I’ve personally played recently and you’re in both of them, so I know you’re continuing to make your mark in the gaming world. Can you tell me what’s next for Dave Fennoy? Are there any current projects you’re working on that you’d like our readers to know about?

DF: Look for me to be in Mafia 3, coming soon and although a FPS, the story is fantastic and very timely. That’s all I can say about it… but I expect it to shake up the gaming world. Several other projects as well, but if I tell you, I’d have to kill you and then they’d kill me! I’m in these recent releases: The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Read Only Memories.

JD: Thank you, Dave, for chatting with me today! I’m just about out of questions, but before we end, could the man who plays Lee Everett give our readers one piece of survival advice, should they ever wind up in a zombie apocalypse?

DF: Keep very quiet. Be careful who you trust. AND DON’T GET BIT!!!!

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That concludes today’s interview with Dave Fennoy! I’d like to thank Dave again for taking the time to chat with me today. For more info on Dave Fennoy, you can visit his official website here.