What Does ‘Zombieland’ Sequel Need?


When Zombieland was released back in 2009, audiences immediately wanted more. More Tallahassee! More Twinkies! And for the love of God, please find a way to bring Bill Murray back from the dead! It wouldn’t be that easy though. Years would pass before a sequel was ever even announced. Fans rejoiced! But more speed bumps in the road delayed the project even further.

That brings us to the present day. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of the first film who will act as executive producers for the sequel, were recently asked about the progress for the long-awaited followup. Sadly, they weren’t able to tell us good news as far as when production will start, let alone if there is even a final script, but at least they told us that it was still “in development.” While we don’t know what the eventual second installment will hold, that doesn’t stop us at 1428 Elm from using our imagination. Here’s what I believe Zombieland 2 should feature…

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  • Part two picks up almost right where the first one left off. The four are on the road with Columbus and Wichita furthering their relationship. I think it makes sense that Columbus, although he has more confidence now, is struggling to establish a “normal” relationship with Wichita. Maybe he stumbles along with just the fundamentals of having a girlfriend. He’s at a disadvantage because not only are they living in a post-apocalyptic world, but it’s probably the first girlfriend he’s had. So the group continues along, looking for a place to finally call home when they find it: a gated community. Being a small group that wouldn’t be able to manage much hard labor, the gated part of the community would do half of their work for them and fortify the perimeter while keeping the zombies out. It’s here where they find a new group of people and team up with them to form a community.

    I like the idea of Tallahassee getting a rival. Someone who is just as much an alpha male as he is. It could kind of resemble the Rick-Shane feud from The Walking Dead but with a comedic twist. Time passes and they plant their roots in this place before a giant horde of zombies attack the town. The group fight off the pack, they don’t suffer any casualties, but in the chaos of it all, Tallahassee splits from the group. Already being a lone wolf, Tallahassee begins his travel to Mexico after he mentioned going there twice towards the end of the first movie. He makes it to a deserted Cancun and just when he’s feeling a bit “home sick,” his friends show up, having guessed he would make the trip to find “Los Submarine-o’s” and set up a third film.

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    What the sequel needs to keep consistent are a few of the stylistic things that made the first one so unique. Adding more of Columbus’ rules, continuing the voice overs and even expanding on them. I think all of the four main characters are pretty much on an even level so hearing V.O.’s from all of them would be a nice addition. One thing is for sure, we have to have another Zombie Kill of the Week scene.

    Another tradition from the first they can keep alive is rule #32: enjoy the little things. In the first movie, they stayed at Bill Murray’s mansion, broke things to blow off steam, played Monopoly with real money among other things. Seeing them in those brief moments of happiness are valuable. Maybe they find an abandoned mall and raid it, taking all of the name brand clothes for themselves. Speaking of Bill Murray, the new writers HAVE to find a way to get him back in this sequel. A flashback scene, an illogical reason for him still being alive, I don’t care what it takes. He was too funny in the first to leave out of the second.

    Was there any actor who would’ve been better for this scene?

    What do you want from the Zombieland sequel? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas. In the meantime, 1428 Elm will keep you updated if and when there’s news about the movie we’re all waiting for.