Why the ‘Walking Dead’ Cliffhanger Petition Won’t Work


Fans of The Walking Dead have started a petition to reveal who died at the end of Season 6, but it’s all just a bunch of wasted effort.

You’ve certainly heard some of the backlash going on after the latest season of The Walking Dead, unless you just woke up from a 6 year coma and haven’t yet caught up. The bloodiest baddie of the entire comic series has finally made his way onto television in the Season 6 finale, which was an iconic moment as it brought in such a huge character from the source material.

But it wasn’t Negan’s entrance that had fans of the show in an uproar. It wasn’t even the fact that he evidently killed a member of the group in a very brutal fashion. What caused a stir was the fact that the identity of Negan’s victim wasn’t shown to the audience, thus ending the season with a bitter cliffhanger.

We knew fans weren’t happy, but, apparently, some of them aren’t letting it go. An actual petition has been started on Change.org demanding producers reveal what happened before the premiere of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, which is half a year away. Here’s the petition’s goal, as explained by its creator:

"“I would like AMC to show us who Negan killed in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. We want this either in an interim episode that borders Season 6 and 7, or a short R-Rated webisode that shows us the death in all it’s bloody glory. Either of these are fine as long as it’s released before May 30th.”"

The signature goal set was 7500, and as of this writing, the petition had already amassed over 7100 signatures after only a day of being online. Clearly, a lot of fans of the show out there don’t like cliffhangers and believe that the waiting is the hardest part.

Sign your petitions and flood AMC’s comment sections all you want, guys. I guarantee you that the producers are loving it. All of this discussion about the cliffhanger heard round the world has propelled The Walking Dead into more water cooler talk than simply killing off one of the characters would have. The headlines generated by this ending have AMC “laughing all the way to the bank”, as the saying goes.

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Besides, I don’t even think they know who Negan killed. Chandler Riggs told his fans he had no clue, and he’s in the scene in question. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason The Walking Dead did things this way was just to buy the writers a little more time to figure that out.