‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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10. Eugene

Poor Eugene would even agree that he is damn lucky to have made it so far into a zombie apocalypse. Only recently has he started to gain the courage to kill walkers or put himself in danger, even if it hasn’t always worked out. He started his stint on the series as one of the weakest people we had ever seen, and certainly many fans never expected him to still be alive at the end of Season 6.

Sure, Eugene lied about being a scientist. It got other people killed. But even then, he’s far from the only character who has been responsible for the deaths of others. They’re all guilty of that. It’s just the way things go in this world. Eugene’s lie was simply the only thing that had kept him alive until he was finally able to start contributing to the group in some other ways.

Fast forward to now, and Eugene is figuring out how to mass-produce bullets for the group. This far into the apocalypse, ammo has got to be getting so much harder to find, so this would be a huge advantage to Alexandria. Where Eugene falls short in terms of defense, he has proven his value to the group through his intelligence.

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