‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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9. Maggie Greene

Maggie is the last surviving member of the Greene family tree. That’s not very surprising, considering she was always the toughest. Back at the family farm, she was the first one to start listening to what Rick and the others were saying about the walkers. Before you knew it, she was an expert zombie killer herself, eventually slaughtering far too many to count.

We’ve seen Maggie go through a lot over the years, but two things about her have always remained the same. For one, as I mentioned, she’s become a badass, for lack of a better term. She has killed both walkers and hostile survivors when it meant protecting herself and the group, and has long been a valuable asset. Also, Maggie has always strived for something better. She wants there to be more to life than just running and surviving; being afraid is no way to live.

Maggie has proven her worth in Alexandria by taking the initiative of gardening to help the community thrive. She has also chosen to start a family with Glenn. Despite these positive aspirations, she’s still able to take on a horde of walkers at a moment’s notice.

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