‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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8. Carl Grimes

Of all the characters on The Walking Dead who have evolved over the years, none are more obvious than Carl. Starting the series as an unruly boy who just would not stay in the house, Carl has changed from the most annoying character on the show to a fan favorite. By the time he was dispatching walkers left and right in Season 3, fans were able to take him much more seriously on the show.

Like everyone else, Carl has had many brushes with death on the show. He nearly died back at Hershel’s farm, due to accidentally getting shot by Otis. If Rick thought that was bad enough, imagine his horror when, years later, Carl’s eyeball was literally blown out of his skull. At this point, a rocket might be the next thing that hits poor Carl.

Not every decision Carl has ever made has been a good one. He’s evolving nicely, though, quickly becoming one of the best soldiers in the group. Growing up in the apocalypse is a good way to make someone a little more fearless, and that’s definitely what Carl seems to be. He was one of the few who didn’t look absolutely terrified when being threatened by Negan.

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