‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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7. Abraham

He’s short-tempered. Possibly nuts. But he’s also hilarious. And definitely a badass. I am, of course, talking about Abraham.

Like many others, Abraham was fully prepared to “opt out” with a bullet through his own brain upon losing his family. He was able to kill walkers (and hostile people) without much problem, but why? What reason was there to go on? Fortunately, Eugene came by with a lie that ultimately saved the both of them.

Protecting Eugene is no easy feat, especially considering the way he used to be. Sure, Abe had Rosita’s help, but watching Eugene in the zombie apocalypse is definitely an escort mission nobody wanted. Abraham made it work, though, being as tough as nails as he is.

Without giving it away, I’ll say that Abraham on the TV series may have already outlived his comic book counterpart. That’s good news for the show, as the TV version has grown to be one of the most quotable on the series.

Maybe Abraham will be the one to get killed by Negan? That’s definitely possible. But if that happens, I know that even in those final moments, Abe won’t even show a hint of submission to Negan.

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