‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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6. Glenn

While most characters on The Walking Dead have struggled with their morality over the years, Glenn is one that has always seemed to be firmly on the side of good. While Maggie is the person most important to him, Glenn has always made decisions with the goal of helping others — even when it puts him into danger.

Glenn’s brave heroics have made the former pizza delivery boy brush closely with death on numerous occasions. He sent shockwaves through the internet with his “death” early in the season that turned out to be a close call. Certainly, if Glenn can fall into dense swarm of walkers and still come out unscratched, it shows how much of a survivor he is.

Glenn’s near-death didn’t change him at all. He remained true to his ways and refused to give up on Enid, who was attempting to flee Alexandria. His humanity was the only thing that could get through to her, finally convincing her to come back and stay. It was just another reason Glenn was valuable to the group.

There’s a strong possibility that Glenn will be the one getting killed by Negan next season. If that’s the case, then I actually don’t mind the cliffhanger as much, because at least then it would give Glenn another 6 months to live.

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