‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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5. Morgan

Season 6 basically kicked things off with Morgan arriving to Alexandria. After tracking Rick down from Georgia, Morgan finally reunited with the man who he helped in the very first episode of the series. But their paths to the Alexandria Safe Zone were quite different.

We know that Morgan went insane following the death of his son, Duane. He had gotten so bad that he couldn’t even recognize who Rick was at first. He had nearly lost his mind entirely, before Rick’s visit had made him realize again what it was like to be sane.

Eventually, Morgan had to leave his fortress, and that’s when he developed a new philosophy on life. Morgan came to believe that all life was precious, and refused to kill any living humans from that point on. He proved that you can, in fact, “come back” after all.

Having a “no kill” rule when in a zombie apocalypse seems like a disadvantage. It takes more work to capture or evade people than it does to simply kill them — especially when it’s self defense. So, Morgan worked that out by becoming a martial arts master, heavily skilled with a bow staff.

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