‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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3. Daryl Dixon

I don’t mean to start any riots by not automatically putting Daryl in the number one spot. Calm down, everyone. I love Daryl too, but he’s not the only badass on the show. But while he may not be the only one, he’s certainly one of the best.

When it comes to differentiating the TV show and the comics, there is one major advantage the show has. That perk is Daryl Dixon. Having been created by Frank Darabont as an original character for the series, Daryl came in as a short-tempered redneck who had trouble fitting in — just like his older brother — but by Season 2, he became the show’s most popular character.

Daryl has become synonymous with the crossbow, making it one of the most definitive weapons of The Walking Dead. There’s almost nothing more satisfying when watching the show when seeing a random arrow impale a walker’s head in the nick of time, as so many people have been saved by Daryl during the course of the series.

As tough as he is, I just wish he’d use his brain a little more. Why did he insist on venturing out by himself at the end of Season 6? He just made it that much easier for himself (and those he was with) to get captured.

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