Neve Campbell Turned Down ‘Scream’ TV Series Cameo


Neve Campbell, of the Scream horror film series, explains why she turned down an offer to appear on the MTV TV series based on the movies.

The Scream TV series on MTV is preparing to scare audiences on the small screen again soon. After a successful first season, the show developed its own original storyline to separate itself from the film series of the same name. But even with a different story, could we still perhaps see the star of the movies Neve Campbell show up for a cameo role?

No, according to the actress herself.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Campbell revealed that she had in fact been approached about appearing on the series, but turned down the offer. Her decision not to take part seems to come down to taking an acting hiatus to focus on her parenting, as well as just not understanding this new vision for the franchise.

Here’s what Campbell said in the interview:

"“I was invited when it was starting, but it didn’t seem to make sense to me. I wasn’t working at the time— I was just being a mom— but also, because I’m a part of the films, for some reason, it didn’t make sense to me.”"

I agree with that sentiment. The Scream TV series feels vastly different than the films. It’s budding out as its own separate entity, to be enjoyed separately. Shoehorning in Neve Campbell may be more of a disservice for both the actress and the show.

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Interestly enough, Campbell also revealed in the interview that she hasn’t even watched the TV series yet, joking that she probably should. But it would probably especially feel like a cheap imitation for someone who was the star of the entire film series.