Ranking the ‘Scream’ Films and TV Series

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5. Scream 3

By the time a second sequel was made for the smash horror hit Scream, the screenwriter of the first two films— Kevin Williamson— was busy with other projects. Unable to produce a completed script for Scream 3, Williamson handed over the writing duties to Ehren Kruger, who wound up throwing away Williamson’s notes. The results were horrendous.

In this one, the violence was toned down in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre. Replacing the gore was a heavier emphasis on the comedy elements. Unfortunately, none of the comic relief was actually funny, so we’re left with seeing something we once loved making a mockery of itself. It’s like watching Halloween and then seeing Michael Myers performing as a mime outside of the theater.

Not even a cameo from Jay and Silent Bob, inserted in the film in one of its desperate attempts to be funny, could do anything to make this movie any better. And I’m someone who would usually geek out for any Jay and Silent Bob cameo, regardless of the movie— unless it’s this bad.

You’d never guess that Wes Craven directed this film. It’s easily the biggest blemish on the horror legend’s body of work. But I guess you can’t win ’em all.

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