Ranking the ‘Scream’ Films and TV Series

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2. Scream 2

After Scream became a surprising smash hit with people who love horror movies, it was natural there’d be a sequel released. That’s especially true considering that it was a slasher movie. It’s basically an unwritten rule that every slasher film must churn out sequels, as evil never truly dies in these movies.

The only problem is— most sequels tend to suck. Would Scream 2 stand up to the original?

I’d say so. Our favorite surviving cast members would return, including Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, and Jamie Kennedy, while several new faces were brought into the fold. As with the first, the identity of Ghostface would remain a mystery until the end of the flick.

Scream 2 didn’t break any new ground, but it’s a solid sequel that stands up to the first film. They effectively kept us guessing who the killer was until the reveal, so it was written well enough. And everybody played their roles expertly.

This sequel turned out to be nicely done and a good continuation of the first film. It just wasn’t quite as scary, but that could also be because we’ve gotten to know the characters and are already familiar with the Ghostface killer.

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