‘The Walking Dead’: Each Season’s Saddest Death

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Amy (Season 1, Episode 4)

Remember Andrea’s little sister, Amy? The two had joined Shane’s quarry group back in Season 1 before Rick had made his way to Atlanta. While Andrea showed herself as being a bit rough around the edges from the start (by immediately putting a gun in Rick’s face), Amy was the kinder sibling who seemed to be a pleasant member of the group.

When Shane made the decision to hold a fish fry for the crew, it ultimately proved to be a disastrous mistake. With nobody keeping watch, walkers filtered into the camp to launch an attack against them— with Amy being the first victim. Stepping out of the RV and complaining about the apparent lack of toilet paper, a hungry zombie took some chunky big bites out of her flesh.

Andrea saw the whole thing and was forced to hold Amy in her arms, watching the life roll out of her eyes. And just to think— this was happening on Amy’s birthday, as Andrea had retrieved a necklace from a jewelry store in the city to give to her as a present. Unfortunately, Amy died before she could receive it, and this death would ultimately impact Andrea for the rest of her time on the show.

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