‘The Walking Dead’: Each Season’s Saddest Death

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Lori Grimes (Season 3, Episode 4)

Say what you will about Lori. Maybe she didn’t keep Carl in the house well enough. Perhaps she shouldn’t have been messing around with Shane so quickly into the apocalypse. These are separate debates altogether.

What I don’t want to argue with anyone about is how sad Lori’s demise turned out to be when it played out on the screen. I had my suspicions about Lori not surviving the season, but didn’t foresee her dying so early into it. By the end of the fourth episode, the leading lady on the show was no more.

When Lori felt the baby coming after walkers had infiltrated the prison, it spelled bad news. It got even worse when it was realized she had no access to Hershel or Carol, the people most equipped to help her. The birth wasn’t going to wait, so something had to be done— Lori told Maggie that the baby needed to be literally cut out.

Maggie struggled with the idea, but Lori made the ultimate sacrifice by convincing her to go through with it. It guaranteed Lori’s death, but as a result, we have baby Judith on the show to remember her by. But we know Carl will never forget making sure she didn’t turn.

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