‘The Walking Dead’: Each Season’s Saddest Death

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Hershel Greene (Season 4, Episode 8)

By the middle of Season 4, the main group on The Walking Dead had made a comfortable home for themselves at the prison. They had crops growing and were tending livestock— they were developing everything they’d need right there inside of the gates. This was all thanks to Hershel and his extensive farming knowledge.

When a harsh illness broke out in the prison, it claimed several casualties. However, it could have been even worse if not for Hershel, who risked his own life to care for the sick. Using his medical prowess, Hershel contributed to saving the lives of many of our favorite characters who had fallen ill.

Basically, Hershel had become such an important member of the group by that point, that my heart immediately sunk when he was captured by the Governor, along with Michonne. Seeing him held hostage by the show’s most dastardly villain was horrifying, and unfortunately, the worst case scenario happened— Hershel was brutally murdered, right in front of everyone.

Maybe it was for the best Hershel died when he did. Once the gates of the prison fell, the survivors were only able to make it by running away. That was obviously not an option with Hershel, so who knows what would’ve happened had the Governor not killed him?

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