‘Green Room’: The Chamber Of Fervency


Green Room entertains through practicality and resemblance. A congruence of reality. The film appropriates itself in a genre that has been submerged in uninformed direction and cinematography, reminding its viewer why the horror genre needs more directors like Jeremy Saulnier. The violence and gore that’s needed to intently portray a horror-thriller is displayed. The Neo-Nazi presence in the film creates an atmosphere of good versus evil; and assuming there are no D.W. Griffith fans reading, Green Room is a well-layered film that reels you in with its intensity.

Jeremy Saulnier, the film’s writer and director, captures the sense of actuality as he did in his 2013 film, Blue Ruin. A film that was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. I’m not particularly sure of the current film’s budget however the profits are sure to increase. Saulnier has come a long way since his first film, 2007’s Murder Party, which is enjoyable as well to say the least.

The audience is introduced to the band as they are on a cornfield inside of a vehicle that ceases to move. They soon agree to a gig at a venue even 1960’s students at Ole Miss wouldn’t venture to. Things quickly spiral out of control as the band is witness to a homicide. The club’s owner, and leader of the supremacist group, Darcy Banker (Patrick Stewart), intends to keep the murder a secret. Even if he and his iniquitous mates must silence both the friend of the murder victim (Imogen Poots) and the invited talent.

The Ain’t Rights, as the band is named in the film, are true to their collective moniker. Whether it’s stealing gas by means of a siphon for a stranded van or using the same cell phone for the entire group. The vocalist is Tiger (Callum Turner). Sam (Alia Shawkat) is the guitarist. Anton Yelchin plays Pat, the bassist of the group; and finally Joe Cole plays Reece the drummer.

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The late, and great in his own right, Jonathan Rechner (ECW’s Balls Mahoney), could have been the fifth member; playing a cowbell. Or perhaps silver bells as he might have in 1995 for the WWE, (WWF at the time). Speaking of f’s, that would be the grade given to whoever decided that the evil brother of Santa Claus, Xanta Klaus, steals presents and lives in the south pole – only to appoint Rechner as the individual well-suited for such a gimmick. I digress unwillingly yet I will allow you to regain neural functionality.

                                    Red-band trailer for Green Room

Now that I’ve expressed myself through scornful derision in the form of many uncontrollable scoffs; Green Room opened to a limited audience on April 15th. The soundtrack was also made readily available on the 15th through digital and CD. The film will be released on April 29th everywhere by A24 films.

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