Why You Shouldn’t Show ‘Human Centipede 2’ In Class


A Tennessee teacher has been suspended for showing Tom Six’s extreme ‘The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence’ in the classroom. In this PC culture we live in, it’s shocking that this is a reality- but it has happen. But why is it a problem?

My teachers were never this awesome- real life Billy Madison here I come.

According to Entertainment Weekly. a free-thinking teacher at an otherwise seemingly normal Tennessee High School has been suspended for showing Tom Six’s The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, the sequel to the extremely infamous director’s original 2009 film, The Human Centipede: First Sequence.

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For those horror fans living under a rock (which would ironically be more than likely be covered in actual centipedes), The Human Centipede series revolves around sadistic men trying to attach multiple people together via one’s rectum to another’s mouth.

Talk about morning breath.

The first sequel follows a fan for the original film, in a meta-film twist, who envisions creating a human centipede of his own but only bigger after seeing the twisted tale .

After the teacher showed the sick sequel-for reasons still unknown to anyone who is actually sane-the school board promptly suspended the educator and launched a full investigation after parents became outraged about their kids being subjected to a film the could be tamely described as “out there”.

Upon hearing of the suspension, Katherine Burgess of The Jackson Sun, a local Tennessee newspaper, took to Twitter to sharer the official notice of suspension:

While I wouldn’t necessarily want to be in the position of the teacher in question, it’s not all bad. After finding out a “brave” teacher showed his film in class, Director Six took to Twitter himself to share his opinion on the matter and surprise the teacher with a lot of new found time on their hands with a little surprise:

So should the teacher have been suspended? Was showing a film that has been banned by the British Board of Film Classification for its disturbing images such a big deal? The short answer: absolutely.

Now let me explain the long answer Fright Fans.

The kids are in high school, they’re still it an impressionable age, and even though I don’t believe anyone who watches any of The Human Centipede films are going to see theme and attempt to mirror the events in real life, the concept behind the series is a lot to take in for some people. It’s like showing someone Two Girls, One Cup, if anybody hasn’t complete blocked that video’s existence from their minds.

Also, kids come from different backgrounds all over. Some are from a more religious background, some are sheltered with the most extreme thing they’ve seen is maybe a few Full House episodes, and others might be easily disgusted. You have no idea the mental maturity of any of the young adults who saw the film that day.

Lastly, it’s highly disrespectful to the parents. Just like I wouldn’t want my kids to be seated in some religious sermon whose ideology that I didn’t agree with, the parents of the teens should have been made aware of what their kids were going to watch.

In a time where the heated race for The White House shows us just how different some of us think from one another , it’s insane to show someone’s kid a film like The Human Centipede 2 without asking for permission. While I wouldn’t be as upset myself, I know many people personally who would be insanely mad. They weren’t the teacher’s children; an adult should know better.

So, if you were a teacher, would you show your high school students?

Seen The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence? Think all the fuss is for nothing? We want to hear all of your opinions so don’t forget to sound off with how you feel below.