Damien Faces Off Against Greta in ‘The Devil You Know’


Damien and Greta finally came face to face in episode eight, ‘The Devil You Know’, but was their confrontation a bit of a let down?


Way back in Second Death, we were introduced to Greta in the most extreme fashion: seeing her perform an exorcism. From that moment on, we knew this tough lady was going to play an intricate role in the Season and , without a doubt, she would be led to Damien.

What we didn’t know was how she was going to treat Damien. Would she be sympathetic and try to save him from his destiny? Or will she rid the earth of his existence? We got our answer in The Devil You Know

I start by apologizing for jumping the gun on last week’s Here Is Wisdom. Ann’s daughter, Veronica, is in fact alive after being shot by Greta. Ann has her henchmen searching every inch of New York looking for her but she’s being held in a random house by Greta and Simone, although Simone begs to take her to a hospital. Greta shoots down this idea believing Ann will simply send Veronica right back out and this time to kill.

Megalyn E.K. in ‘Damien’-Courtesy of A&E

At the police station, Shay’s chief is fed up with how his investigation is going. Shay once again pleads for him to believe that Damien is behind all of the strange deaths that have been happening, most recently Damien’s shrink killing Charles. He sees Shay losing his mind and suspends him from duty. Despite Shay being off the case, a different cop, Lieutenant Murnau, goes over to speak to Damien about Charles’ death. After the cop leaves, Damien calls Simone and asks to meet Greta.

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Damien goes to the house where Greta and Simone are holding up. The first exchange between Greta and Damien is important to note. A big sigh of relief must have come from him after she shows compassion and sorrow towards him. Greta hugs him and calls him, “God’s child.” He opens up to her and talks about the spirits he’s seen in the past several weeks. When Damien asks for help, she smiles and replies, “That is why I’m here.” Here’s their long-awaited introduction.

Greta asks Simone to go look after Veronica but it’s all a ruse to get her out of the picture as one of Greta’s accomplices locks Simone in the room with her. Amani gets kidnapped by two masked men in a parking garage. They bring him to Ann who asks him the whereabouts of Veronica. All it takes is Ann to ask him a couple of times where Veronica is and he caves in.

At only about the 30 minute mark of the episode, it’s revealed what Greta’s real plan is. She uses one of the daggers to stab Damien in the gut. Greta lays him on a cement slab and straps him down with thorns. Back at his house, Shay buries himself in the Damien case despite being suspended. His husband has become fed up with his antics and takes their son to his brother’s house. Before they leave, the son whispers into Shay’s ear, “The Devil did it.”

Back at Greta’s safe house, Simone and Veronica scheme a way to get out of the locked room. They get out of the house and escape through the woods surrounding the house. Somewhere else in the woods, Greta begins her exorcism of Damien. As all of this is going on, Ann, Amani, and the lackeys arrive at the house. Greta lowers Damien into a grave while Damien screams bloody murder.

Bradley James in ‘Damien’- Courtesy of A&E

Still laboring from being shot, Veronica is left in the woods by Simone who goes to get help. Veronica tries to walk on her own but falls into a pile of tree branches. Score another point for the evil forces who take Veronica this time. The tree branches come to life, tightening their grip on the poor girl. Finally, a branch crawls into her open wound and travels up through her body and out of her mouth, choking her to death. If you were horrified by this and have never seen The Evil Dead, I advise you not to watch it.

Later on, Ann and Amani find Veronica’s dead body. Simone meanwhile interrupts Greta’s exorcism and tries to stop it. She turns her attention away from Damien for a second and he bursts out of his straitjacket made of thorns and climbs out of the grave. Greta tries stabbing him again with the dagger but he grabs her arm, turns the dagger around and stabs her instead. He and Simone flee the scene as the The Devil You Know comes to a close.

I’ll start by affirming that Greta is alive as she was shown in the preview for next week’s season finale. What’s her next move after Plan A failed? Honestly, she should be more worried about Ann than Damien. I think Damien will leave her alone and not seek her out. On the other hand, Ann will probably hold her accountable for Veronica’s death. Greta and Ann still haven’t come face to face yet and I expect them too before the season’s end.

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There was a lot of anticipation for the meeting between Damien and Greta. The majority of this episode was exciting and enthralling but the ending was a bit of a let down. It was disappointing to see Damien escape his tomb so simply and easily. I guess this was expected though. We’ve seen this happen throughout the entire season where fate won’t let anything or anyone touch Damien. He has a supernatural armor that cannot be stripped.

Don’t forget to set your DVRs for the Season finale of Damien on Monday, 10/9c, only on A&E. Check back into 1428 Elm for my finale recap and break down.