‘Forensic Files’ Narrator Peter Thomas Dies at 91


Voice-over artist Peter Thomas, best known as the voice of Forensic Files, recently passed away surrounded by his family. He was 91 years old.

Talk about having a unique voice.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Forensic Files at some point in your life— and odds are, you have, considering the show produced over 400 episodes over a 17-season run— you’ve heard the voice of Peter Thomas.

Thomas provided the voice-over narration for every episode of Forensic Files, as well as having his voice heard on several other shows like Nova, Biography, Modern Marvels, Mobsters, and Changing Seas. Chances are you’ve probably heard him on some television commercials as well.

Recently, on April 30, Thomas passed away at the age of 91.

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Battling an infection incurred after a visit to the dermatologist, the famous narrator’s health took a turn for the worse, leading to his passing. But according to his children, Thomas seemed to be at peace and ready to go, as losing his wife Stella in June of 2014 had been a major blow to his life and health. The two had been married since 1946.

Aside from his established career as a voice-over artist, Thomas was a recognized World War II veteran. In 1943, he joined the Army and served in several campaigns, including the Battle of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, earning five Battle stars in the process. He went on to earn the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Unit French Croix de guerre, and Belgian Fourragère by the time he was done.

Rather than focus on the sadness of the situation, let’s instead focus on Peter’s life and his vocal contributions to film and television. Here’s one particularly amusing commercial for Cool Whip the narrator did voice-overs for using his distinct Forensic Files-like tone, which is a spoof of those TV charity ads:

Of all the true crime documentary shows that have popped up on television over the years, Forensic Files was always the greatest one since Unsolved Mysteries. The facts behind the cases and the reenactments were always interesting, but what really made the show was that amazing narrator.

Rest in peace, Peter Thomas.