Friday the 13th: Will ‘Jason vs. Jarvis’ Ever Get Made?


Corey Feldman wants to reprise his Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter role as Tommy Jarvis in a new sequel dubbed ‘Jason vs. Jarvis’. Will the film ever see the light of day?

I’ll be honest. This is the next Friday the 13th film that I really want to see.

A few years ago, Corey Feldman revealed his pitch for Friday the 13th Part XIII: Jason vs. Jarvis. The sequel would see Feldman reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis, the young boy who managed to “kill” Jason Voorhees at the end of The Final Chapter.

Feldman would briefly reprise the role of Jarvis at the start of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning before a plot time-jump would see John Shepherd take over as an older version of the character. Thom Mathews would play the role in the sixth movie, Jason Lives, with Tommy once again narrowly surviving a bloody encounter with Jason.

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In the documentary on the franchise, His Name Was Jason, Feldman compared this idea to Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, which saw Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode from the original Halloween films.

For that to be possible, several Halloween sequels in the canon had to be ignored, and Feldman said the same approach would be taken for Jarvis vs. Jason— the film would be a sequel to Part V: A New Beginning, writing off the events of Part VI through the 2009 remake.

Feldman was not only determined to make the film happen, but he wanted it to be as genuine and faithful to the original films as possible. He even tapped The Final Chapter screenwriter Barney Cohen to work on the script, and was also reaching out to the film’s original producers and director.

Unfortunately, in the years since Feldman publicly acknowledged his desire to make the movie, the proposed film never saw any progress. At the time, the rights to the franchise were seemingly up in the air between Platinum Dunes and Warner Bros. Since then, Platinum Dunes have announced their plans to move forward with a new reboot of the series, which pretty much confirms Jason vs. Jarvis to be DOA.

It’s too bad Platinum Dunes didn’t go with Feldman’s idea for Jason vs. Jarvis instead, as that would probably have been the best way to satisfy the hardcore fans of the series. The Final Chapter is, after all, probably the most beloved sequel in the franchise. Maybe they weren’t able to get the rights to the character from Paramount, or perhaps they just wanted to take a different approach.

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In any case, Jason vs. Jarvis will go down as the greatest Friday the 13th film that didn’t actually happen, a sequel with the potential to be the best in the series since Part IV. With every single film series seeing mediocre reboots these days, an actual sequel to a horror classic like this.would be extremely refreshing to see.

But we probably never will.