Supernatural: ‘All in the Family’ Will Make You Feel Like Kin


Now miles into its 11th season run, and with only two episodes left, ‘Supernatural’ begins wrapping up its current season with a decent episode in the series’ illustrious canon.

The following review contains minor spoilers. If you have’t seen last week’s ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’, then I would do so before continuing with this review. Not much is spoiled about ‘All in the Family’ though. Now to the spooky goodness.

Last week, a huge moment happened on The CW’s Supernatural: God was reveal to be, in fact, Chuck Shurley. In a stellar episode of Supernatural, titled Don’t Call Me Shurley, the spiritual super-comedy delivered one of its best, and most important, outings in the series.

Thus Spake The Lord-Chuck Shurley/God 

With its follow up, All in the Family, Supernatural gets more serious and deliciously silly. Like a buffet busting with a bountiful feast, All in the Family offers almost everything you’d want, and have come to expect, in an episode of the long-running Supernatural.

Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, All in the Family has many quality aspects going for it. The script is freaking hilarious, brought to life by its great cast, and even though the first part of the episode isn’t nearly the great as the second, it’s still a pretty damn solid complete package.

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Furthermore, the two best written scenes take place between Dean and Chuck. It’s here where Supernatural, while not uncharacteristically but far too little, shines in its examinations of that big question: why do we exists and how does God, if there even is one, chooses what and who to save. I loved these scenes more than Reese Oreos…and I’m a man who loves his Reese Oreos.

While Don’t Call Me Shurley leaned a lot on expositions, which did strengthen not only Season 11 but the entire Supernatural run both before and after, All in the Family leans on the current season’s plot; The first part was solid but the second goes full force like a bat out of hell.

The acting is also great in Supernatural’s newest outing.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Rob Benedict in ‘Supernatrual’- Courtesy of The CW

Rob Benedict kills it as God/Chuck. The man certainly has comedic chops, and along with star Jensen Ackles, probably delivers two of the best scenes Supernatural has ever had (the Reese Oreo scenes). The two actors really bring it with powerfully proficient work. It’s always nice to see Dean, the show’s resident tough guy of the two Winchester brothers, show his more unsure and humble side.

Additionally, Jared Padalecki, playing Sam, has a great moment in the episode’s beginning and another when he has a beer dispute with a supporting character that had me belly laughing.

The directions is solid as well, but only a few shots stood out. Directed by Thomas J. Wright, those are: a shot in the episode’s beginning when Chuck finds out about Lucifer’s whereabouts (with Chuck stopping right in front of frame and the Winchester brothers in the background), and a few decent shots in the moments when the three stooges try the breakout (you’ll know what I mean when you see the episode)

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So, Will Dean and Sam finally find out what God..I mean Chuck, has up his sleeve? Will Amara push herself further to making our existence extinct? Will Metatron get himself in the good graces of the Supernatural super-friends? You’ll have to take out those angel wings and fly over to The CW to find out.


Thomas J. Wright‘s All in the Family is a great episode of Supernatural. While it doesn’t feature amazing direction, Family does have an stunning script and some damn decent performers to bring it to life. It’s an episode that builds on what was started in Don’t Call Me Shurley and one that, in its true purpose, effectively pushes the show into the final innings of its 11th season.

So grab some popcorn, the remote, or maybe a Bible and I’ll see you in hell on earth. (this review was not endorsed by the Bible. Bible is optional in viewing Supernatural)


B+/A-(too close to call)

Check out a preview of next week’s episode, We Happy Few, courtesy of The CW:

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