Every ‘Friday the 13th’ Film, Ranked

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4. Freddy vs. Jason

New Line Cinema

Forget Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. Back in the golden days of horror, if you were fan, there was no single fantasy match-up you cared about more than Freddy vs. Jason.

It had first been hinted at in the ending of Jason Goes to Hell, and after years of negotiations and countless script rewrites, the movie finally became a reality. In what would be Robert Englund’s final appearance as Krueger and Jason’s final Friday the 13th movie before officially seeing the series be rebooted, Freddy vs. Jason was for all intents and purposes the conclusion of both film sagas.

There were a few writing snafus, but for the most part, Freddy vs. Jason is pretty solid. Freddy got his dream kills in to please the Elm Street fanatics, while Jason satisfied his fans with his own gnarly murders. It felt as legitimate as it could get to really make the battle between the two quite real for horror fans, which was a worry for many going into the movie.

The climactic encounter between the two most famous horror icons was pretty intense, and just seeing them share the screen is still an amazing moment that won’t ever be forgotten.

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