Every ‘Friday the 13th’ Film, Ranked

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6. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

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This movie is one of my guilty pleasures. I feel like I’m supposed to hate it as a die-hard Friday the 13th fan, as I’ve heard so many others putting it down.

Really, the biggest issue with the movie that seems to bother people is that the killer isn’t technically Jason Voorhees in the movie. Rather, it’s a fellow named Roy Burns, a psychopath inspired by the Jason Voorhees killings to embark on his own murder spree in the wake dealing with his son’s death. People just wanted Jason back.

Maybe it wasn’t Jason, and maybe we weren’t still in Camp Crystal Lake anymore. But we still had Tommy Jarvis returning in the story (briefly reprised by Corey Feldman in the beginning, to add some legitimacy to the role) and we still had “Jason” butchering people nonstop. Basically, it still felt a lot like a genuine Friday the 13th movie to me, Jason or no Jason.

There are plenty of quotable lines, memorable death scenes, and a continuation of the prior film’s story. As a fan, I found that satisfying enough, so I definitely feel that this sequel can be considered underrated.

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