Every ‘Friday the 13th’ Film, Ranked

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5. Friday the 13th Part III

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Like many other sequels in this series, this one was intended originally to be the last Friday the 13th film. With Jason Voorhees dying at the end of the movie, the films would have been left at as a trilogy. Maybe that’s why the ending of this movie is so excellent, and would have been a great way to end things if there never was a Final Chapter.

This movie took place in the iconic location of Higgins Haven, a ranch owned by the family of Chris Higgins. Despite dealing with the trauma over an encounter with a deformed man near the property a couple years before, Higgins returns to her family’s ranch near the Crystal Lake campgrounds with her friends, only to see them all brutally killed by the film’s end.

What made Part III particularly special is that this was the Friday the 13th film made specifically for 3-D. Several shots in the movie heavily utilize the feature, including a man’s eyeball shooting straight towards the camera after Jason smashes his head. Even when not watching the 3-D version of the film, you’ll still notice all of the shots that were intended for the format, so it’s best enjoyed with the 3-D glasses on.

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