Damien Finally Caves in Finale ‘Ave Satani’

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Shay gets to the trailer and camps out outside of it. Inside the camper, Damien devises a new plan: he’s going to travel to Israel to find answers. This is where Damien’s father went to in The Omen to investigate and where the daggers are originally from. John, Ann and their army arrive just as Damien and Simone are leaving and a chase ensues.

The chase ends in a graveyard where they finally have the two surrounded. Damien threatens to kill all of them and Ann encourages him to do it. “Let it out,” she tells him, trying to unleash the beast. Ann outs John and tells Damien that he killed Amani. This sets off Damien who summons his pack of dogs on him.

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  • Simone begs Damien to stop as the dogs slowly kill John. Shay shows up to the scene and tries shooting Damien but instead hits Simone in the head. This is where Damien gives in and promises he’ll do anything if they let Simone live. He stands up, looks to the sky, and chants in Latin, “Father, into thy hands, I commend my spirit.” His blood drips down onto Simone’s open wound and she awakes, alive and well.

    The two embrace as all of Damien’s followers march towards him. Ann and all of the others bow down before him, including Shay who seems to have also just caved in. In the last shot of the season, Damien turns around to face the camera and gives a small smile to the audience. This is a nod to the final shot in The Omen where a five-year old Damien gives a similar look.

    I loved to see Ann back to her old ways. For a while there she was reeling from Damien turning her down so harshly and kind of faded away. She’s been the driving force for the better part of the season so it was refreshing to see her back at it in the finale. She played Damien so well too, knowing exactly what to say to set him off. Her and John seemed to be at odds from the start and I figured she would play some part in his doom.

    A big question is the fate of Greta and Amani. When season 2 begins, who will rise from the grave? Let’s remember that hearing about Amani’s death is what eventually set Damien off. If Amani were alive he would be critical in converting Damien back to his old self. On the other hand, in terms of story, Greta holds more value to the show writers. Her story is not finished just yet especially after she got reinforcements from the Vatican. My prediction: you’ll see both of these characters return to the screen.

    Finally, what’s going to happen to Damien now that he’s officially turned to the “Dark Side”? Can he tell all of his thousands of followers he changed his mind? Something tells me they play by the no take-back rule. What will be his first order of business as ruler? What will it take to save him? What if there is no way to save him? Maybe his story ultimately ends with the one way we know he can die: being stabbed by all seven daggers. We’ll have to wait until next season to get closer to that answer.

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