Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments of ‘Sicut Cervus’

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Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead aired its sixth episode of Season 2, “Sicut Cervus”, on Sunday night. Now, let’s take a look at the five most WTF moments that happened during those 60 minutes.

We’re about halfway through Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, and the show has been light on zombies but heavy on character progression. Some of the people we knew nothing about are becoming more appreciated characters after learning about their motivations, while others have only made me start to hate them based on the way their personalities are forming.

The episode started with a service in a Mexican church, which saw every single patron die immediately following communion. Blood would pour from their eyes leading to each of their deaths, as the wafers were apparently poisoned. Strand’s lover, Thomas Abigail, showed up around this time, but he was too late to save anybody.

That sets the tone for “Sicut Cervus”, as our main characters are on their way to this very location. What will it be like when they get there? Will Thomas still be around? I’ve got to admit, the episode held my interest from the start, and I’m glad it did, as I got to see these five crazy moments, starting with…

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